Skybrokers delivered and installed a VertexRSI 6,1m Antenna in Rome

Skybrokers completed the last antenna project for 2017! We delivered and installed an used and refurbished VertexRI 6.1m Earth Station Antenna to a client in Roma, Italy in December 2017. The project was performed by a three-member installation & project team with great help of the customer. Watch the video!


Skybrokers de-installing an Andrew 7.3m Earth Station antenna in Dusseldorf, Germany

Skybrokers (http://sky-brokers.com) de-installed an Andrew 7.3m antenna in Dusseldorf, Germany. The dismantling took 5 days in November 2017. Antenna will be completely refurbished and prepared for sale in our facility in Central Europe. Watch the de-installation video!


VertexRSI 9m Earth Station antenna installation in Frankfurt area, Germany

Skybrokers (http://sky-brokers.com) delivered and installed an used and refurbished Vertex 9.0m earth station antenna with a Scientific Atlanta (Viasat) 10m Pedestal mount in Usingen (Frankfurt Area), Germany. The installation was successfully performed by a two-member installation team and took 3.5 weeks in November 2017. Watch the installation video!


Seattle based Stratolaunch Systems, founded by Microsoft Co-founder, Paul G. Allen rolled out the largest aircraft in the world in May 2017. The plane, nicknamed Roc, has a wingspan of 385ft (118m), has 28 wheels and is powered by six Boeing 747 engines. The purpose of the system is to launch satellites and other manned spacecraft into orbit at an altitude of 36,000ft (11km). It is weather independent and saves significantly costs for the traditional vertical launch systems. The Roc's maiden flight is still yet to be scheduled, most likely in 2019.


Skybrokers (sky-brokers.com) was contracted to remove a VertexRSI 9.0m earth station antenna in Guildford, UK in March 2017. We took the antenna down in one week and moved it with a dedicated truck to our facility in Central Europe for refurbishment. Watch the video published on YouTube!


Skybrokers Satellite Communications

As the world national economies become more global and as all parts of the globe are exploited by human enterprise, the need for effective wireless interconnection via terrestrial wireless and satellite communications will expand.

Our company is supporting satellite providers with a quick and high quality new and used satellite equipment and Earth Station Antennas. In the past years we delivered and installed many Earth Stations Worldwide. Check our promotion video with satellite launches and antenna installations.
Courtesy of ULA, MHI, Arianespace, ILS Launch Services, Skybrokers Europe, CGWIC and ‘Pulse-of-the-Port’ – Sea Launch,


SpaceX launched SES-10 satellite and makes history using a recovered Falcon 9 booster

Launch Operator SpaceX, run by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, made history by launching a re-used Falcon 9 rocket with the SES-10 satellite and then brought it back to earth.
The booster landed successfully on the droneship, named Of Course I Still Love You, eight minutes after launch.
SpaceX and Luxembourg based SES agreed last year to launch SES-10, built by Airbus Defense & Space on the first Falcon 9 rocket to fly with a reused first stage. The flight is a major step forward for SpaceX, which foresees regular reusability as vital to reducing launch costs.
Learn more about SES satellite operator and SpaceX satellite launch operator on our Website.


De-installation of a VertexRSI 9m antenna in Vienna

In December 2016 our team dismantled a Vertex 9m antenna in Vienna, Austria. A challenging project since we had to de-install in the air due to limited space. With special equipment and trucks we finished the job in less then one week!


Installation of an used and refurbished VertexRSI 7.2m antenna on Cyprus

We finished the 7.2m antenna at Hellas-Sat satellite operator on Cyprus. The RF tests were promising and the client has happy to accept the antenna. Watch the installation video on YouTube!