Skybrokers installing a RSI 9.2m Earth Station antenna in Asia

Skybrokers was requested to install a RSI 9.2m Earth Station antenna in Asia, close to the Chinese/Russian border. The antenna has been installed in a big city at the Amur river in North East China/Siberia area. Under severe weather conditions we assisted the customer with the installation.


Lots of activities at Skybrokers in March and April! We are currently refurbishing Earth Station antennas at our facility in Europe. A RSI (VertexRSI) 9.2m C-band is being prepped as well as an Andrew 3.7m, 4.6m and 7.6m. Antennas are pressure washed and panels are painted. New hardware kits are being procured and motorization is checked out. The RSI antenna will be completed with new motorization, a 7150 MCU, a Vertex 7200ACU, new beacon receiver, 11-size resolvers, limits and brackets and cabling. The antennas are available for sale.