Our customer had a very strict deadline and Skybrokers could deliver and install a 9m Earth station in Mexico-City just before X-mas. We have made a video of this RSI 9.2m Earth Station antenna. Please watch the video on YouTube and Vimeo.


Skybrokers finished an installation of a RSI (VertexRSI) 9.2m Earth Station antenna in Sweden in October. The installation was filmed. Please see the great results:


Skybrokers supports Broadcasters for the Championship Football in Brazil

Skybrokers has supported various broadcasters located in Europe as well as South America with equipment that is used for broadcasts of the Brazil 2014 football games. Equipment was already tested and good to go, so deadlines could be met.

We do have large quantities of broadcast equipment such as Tandberg encoders and IRD's, Scopus, HP & Agilent, Rohde&Schwarz and Advantest Spectrum Analyzers available from stock. Also we do have RF equipment with various power outputs, indoor & outdoor ready for sale.

See our latest video on YouTube!


Finishing a Vertex 11m C-band earth station antenna and a Vertex 8m Ku-band earth station antenna in Vilnius Lithuania. We (www.sky-brokers.com) are currently performing the theodolite of both antennas that we delivered a few weeks ago. The 11m was done quickly without any problems. Now we are working on the 8m. The reflector will be lifted on its pedestal this afternoon (March 31st, 2014).

Working on the video of the installations. These will be on YouTube soon! Stay tuned.


Installation of a Vertex 9m earth station antenna in Germany

This week we (www.sky-brokers.com) will finish the refurbished 9m Vertex earth station antenna in Raisting, Germany. We had a bit of a delays due delay in parts arrival due to the weather condition in the USA. Our freight agent could not get our ordered parts in time in the aircraft carrier. We had to stop the installation with a two week pause. But our engineers work hard to get the antenna up and running now.

Currently the reflector and its sub is being aligned and it looks promising. The weather conditions in Munich area are very good (17degr C).


Installation of a refurbished Vertex 9m earth Station antenna in Germany

Skybrokers installation team is currently installing a refurbished Vertex 9m Earth Station antenna in Raisting (Munich area Germany). Local weather conditions are good and we are making very good progress. We still are waiting for parts from our US suppliers, but deliveries are a bit delayed due to the bad weather at the other side of the Atlantic.

We started on Tuesday Feb 4th and we expect to have the antenna aligned this weekend! The rest of next week we spend on installing the de-icing and closure, the electrical circuit, motorization and indoor equipment. Hope to be ready mid of February for moving to the next installation. Stay tuned!