Skybrokers installs a 6 1m antenna in Lima Peru

Skybrokers (http://sky-brokers.com) delivered an used and refurbished VertexRSI 6.1m Earth Station Antenna to Lima Peru. The antenna was placed on a 25-story building and installation was performed in conjunction with the customer and was finished in January 2019. The antenna is currently the highest satellite antenna in Latin America.


VertexRSI 9m installation & refurbishment at ESA Redu for SES Satellite operator

Our project and installation team currently works on a installation and refurbishment of a VertexRSI 9m Earth Station Antenna for SES satellite operator. The antenna is being installed at the ESA site in Redu, Belgium.


Replacement of a faulty elevation jack

Skybrokers was requested to exchange a faulty elevation jack of a VertexRSI 11.1m Earth Station Antenna located in Germany. The installation team exchanged the jack successfully!
Watch the short video!


SpaceX' Falcon Heavy maiden flight and orbits a Tesla Roadster!

Elon Musk' SpaceX made it happen again! His Falcon Heavy launcher, the most powerful rocket until date, successfully made its maiden flight and orbited a Tesla Roadster with a dummy driver. The car is playing David Bowie's Space Oddity and will stay in orbit forever heading to Mars and beyond. Watch the video of the launch!


Skybrokers de-installs 30+ satellite Antennas in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Skybrokers (http://sky-brokers.com) de-installed five earth station antennas (2x Andrew 4.5m & 3x Andrew 5.6m antennas) and 25+ VSAT antennas from a 4-story office building in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This challenging project took 2 weeks in January 2018 with incredible help of the customer and contractors. The majority of the VSAT antenna were scrapped and metal was recycled. The Earth Station Antennas were disassembled and transported back to our facility in Central Europe where they will be completely refurbished and prepared for re-installation. Watch the video:


Skybrokers delivered and installed a VertexRSI 6,1m Antenna in Rome

Skybrokers completed the last antenna project for 2017! We delivered and installed an used and refurbished VertexRI 6.1m Earth Station Antenna to a client in Roma, Italy in December 2017. The project was performed by a three-member installation & project team with great help of the customer. Watch the video!