Refurbished Earth Station antennas at Skybrokers

Next week we are busy with loading 4 antenna for a customer in South America. We are loading a 9.2m C-band, a 4.6m Ku-band antenna and 2x 2.4m VSAT antennas in a 40ft ocean container for overseas shipment. Both large antennas were refurbished and checked out at our facility in Europe.


Installing 2x ASC Signal 7.6m antennas at OMNIAccess Mallorca

Skybrokers installation team was requested to install two new ASC Signal 7.6m earth station antennas at OMNI Access Marine Network Solutions on Mallorca (Balearic Islands). The team spend 4-5 weeks to assemble, install, erect and align the antennas to support OMNI Access with their Teleport expansions. Watch the installation video on YouTube!