Skybrokers recently released a press release about the research we performed in the used equipment market.

Last month we released a worldwide press release. And I am proud to annouce a lot satellite media published the results of our global research. Below the press release:

Global research among 927 satellite professionals by Skybrokers International shows that only 7% prefer 'only new' and 32% primarily new satellite equipment. The majority prefers 'only used' 18% and primarily used (43%) equipment. According to Walter van der Plas, CEO of Skybrokers, the research shows that satellite professionals cut cost on their purchasing budgets to survive a declining market.

Van der Plas: “We started the research among our clients because we noticed a change in the type of inquiries during 2011. Customers are more and more searching for the best deals and requesting proposals for new equipment in combination with proposals for used equipment.”


A hard to find SWE-DISH FlyAway Antenna System that made us smile

While Skybrokers for years offers FlyAways from brands e.g. GD Satcom we are happy to announce we can now source a hard-to-find SWE-DISH FlyAway Antenna System (90cm with 400W Ku-band TWTA, Upco & encoder). SWE-DISH satellite systems is part of Rockwell Collins a pioneer in the design, production and support of innovative solutions for our customers in aerospace and defense.


2012: would you buy USED or NEW?

With the introduction of our new website (www.sky-brokers.com), we also started a large, global research about the trends in the satellite equipment. Our first online research is about the trends in buying new or used satellite equipment.

On this blog we will update you on all new and used products we find on the market. Skybrokers is specialized in: Amplifiers, Antennas, BUC's, LNB's / LNC's, Maritime, Satellite Modems and Spectrum Analyzers.

We hope you like the new site, join our poll and want to receive our updates!


Walter van der Plas