On May 27th SpaceX launch operator brought the Thaicom-8 communications satellite in orbit using their re-usable Falcon 9 launch vehicle. The rockets first stage was landing on one of the drone ships named: 'And I still Love You'.

Watch the spectacular footage made with an on-board camera attached to the Falcon 9 rocket during the landing on the drone ship!


Skybrokers delivered an used and refurbished Vertex 9m Earth Station antenna to DISH TV in India. The client was satisfied and happy with the quality of the refurbishment after his visit to our facility in Europe. We provided new motors and gearboxes as well as new jack boots, checked out and completed hardware kits. Out team loaded the antenna in a 40ft sea container and the customer was involved with installation.


Another project accomplished! Over the course of three weeks Skybrokers technicians de-installed five Earth Station antennas in New York City, USA in April 2016. The team was tasked to dismantle, loading into ocean going containers and clean up the site. 
This project was subject to detailed planning and logistics. We could not have done this without the help of our logistic partners.
Watch the video on YouTube!